Once again, 2015 delivered a fantastic season, following up the spectacular 2013 and 2014 vintages. Rainfall was dismally low (again), reaching only about 50% of normal and getting the vines off to a rather slow start. But we were blessed with a miraculous 3" of rainfall in July, a complete anomaly for Paso Robles which normally receives not a drop of rainfall until October. Many will say that this likely saved the vintage, elevating it from a potentially troubled vintage to an excellent one. Once again, we started very early on August 12, and finished our last pick on October 28. What we see in 2015 is similar characteristics to 2014, massive concentration and intensity, deep colors, and no shortage of fruit. Although most all our wines in 2015 are stellar, the white wines showed tremendously well, our best to date. 

2015 Aequorea Viognier, Spanish Springs Vineyard

2015 Aequorea Pinot Gris, Spanish Springs Vineyard

2015 Aequorea Riesling, Riven Rock Vineyard

2015 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Seafarer

2015 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Lost Lands

2015 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Riven Rock Vineyard

2015 Aequorea Pinot Noir, Spanish Springs Vineyard